Art Joseph - Sales Associate

Originally from New York, after residential home building there for 12 years, Art and Darlene Joseph relocated to the Gem of the Florida Coast, known as Englewood in 1988. Continuing with their love for construction and home building, they successfully built homes locally for 25 years. 

Art's love of Real Estate, land and foresight of future development have been keys to his success and your key to 25 years of Local Experience.

Art will be glad to list your home or lot, help you find the just perfect home to buy, or the perfect land to build on.  Straight up, honest and effectively efficient! Art will help you through each facet of any process. It's simple, let 25 years of Experience work for you!

Art Joseph

Please contact me if I may be of assistance.

Art Joseph
Direct Phone: 941-468-1637
Toll free: 888-697-9410 extension 736
Email: artjoseph@verizon.net