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Rental Policies Sheet
Please read Floridian Realty Services' Rental Policies Sheet
that will be attached to your lease.

Rental Information Binder
Each property contains a black binder with information, policies,
and procedures that will be helpful during your stay.

Rental Property Inventory Checklist
Rental Properties include the majority of items on this list
Properties are individually owned and equipped by each homeowner


1. Are there minimum stay requirements?
Minimum stay requirements vary by property, owner, association restriction, and/or season. Here are some rules of thumb: 

During the winter peak season (January, February, and March) minimum three month rentals are required by the majority of owners. Two month and one month rentals during the winter season may be placed later in the year in some remaining properties.

The current, three month plus, winter renter in a property has until January 31st to re-book for the following year/winter. If they do not exercise this option by that date, the property is made available to the public for the following year/winter booking.

During the non-peak season (April through December) rentals are available by the week, two weeks, monthly, etc.

2. How are availability and rates calculated?
Rental rates vary and are based on the property’s characteristics, individual owner’s preference, and time of year for your stay. January 1 to March 31 is the Winter/Peak Season posted rate. April 1 to December 31 is the Off Season/Non-Peak Season posted rate.

Winter is the peak season in Florida, as "snowbirds" flee the cold northern winters, so that is when rates are higher. Rates are lower during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

For heat pump pool homes, winter/peak season rates include pool heat to 80 degrees. An additional charge will apply for higher temperatures or pool heat during the non-peak season. Renters should not, and are not permitted to, alter or adjust the pool equipment settings. If you feel there is an issue with the the pool, please contact Floridian Realty Services. Cool/cold weather or rain will affect the temperature of the pool and result in a lower water temperature.

We have great rates for weekly vacations, monthly stays, and long term rentals. Although we try to post as many of the most popular rates as possible, please contact us for a customized rate quote for your stay. Posted rates and availability calendars are deemed reliable, but information is not guaranteed and subject to change without notice.

3. Are there other fees?
All rates are plus 12% (7% state and 5% county) short term rental tax.

The Reservation Fee includes departure cleaning and accidental rental damage protection of $500. Even with departure cleaning, the renter must leave the property in neat and orderly condition upon their check out. Excess and intentional damage and additional cleaning will still be billed to the renter. 

4. Can I or someone I know look at the property before renting?
Unfortunately we cannot show seasonal/vacation rentals because they can be occupied by another renter at any time, the owner may be using the property, it may be closed down for maintenance, shuttered for hurricane season, etc. Also, please do not walk on the property which would disturb the occupants or alarm the neighbors. Each property on our website contains a slide show photo tour with many pictures (50 to 80 photos in most cases) and a bird's eye aerial view of the location.  

5. How do I place a reservation and make my payment?
Upon choosing your rental, follow the links to our reservation form. Then we email a lease for you to electronically sign on your computer. Please read the email and lease carefully for full instructions.

Your reservation will involve a down payment due at lease signing and the balance due to be received at our office by 30 days before your check in.

You may send by U.S. Mail, FedEx, or UPS a personal check, bank cashier's check, or money order in U.S. Funds to our office address. We accept incoming bank wire transfers, PayPal, and TransferWise, but the bank, PayPal, or TransferWise will charge you a processing fee.

6. What is included in each property?
Please see above our Rental Property Inventory Checklist. Properties include the majority of items on this list. Properties are Turnkey Furnished; meaning kitchenware, bedroom linens, bath linens, and further items on the above list. All properties under Floridian Realty Services management are privately owned by individual owners. Décor style and condition will vary from property to property because they are furnished/equipped and maintained by the owners.  Property information and photos are subject to change without notice, as owners can change how their property is equipped. Single Family Homes include a washer/dryer (unless noted in very rare instances). The majority of our Condominiums have a washer/dryer inside the unit. A few units have a common laundry room in the complex.

7. Are Utilities and Maintenance included?
Owners maintain electric, water, and basic TV service (satellite or cable) on all properties. There are caps in the lease for the water and electric to allow normal use at the property. Please be mindful of water usage and electrical usage, like setting the thermostat for air conditioning. Any excess use will be billed to the renter to pay the overage. Please be mindful of what is put down the drains as many properties are on a mini/low pressure sewer or septic tank. Different neighborhoods are serviced by different TV service providers, cable or satellite, with varying channels provided.

The listing on our website will say "Internet Included" if internet is also provided.  Land Line Phone is rarely provided as most people have cell phones and have preferred internet instead. If a Land Line Phone is at the property it is for local, seven digit dialing only. Please make prior/alternate arrangements for your phone usage, including long distance, international, and emergency/911 calling.

Owners have lawn cutting and pool cleaning service on a routine contract. Renters should not, and are not permitted to, alter or adjust the pool equipment settings. Please do not direct the vendors or make inquiries to them about repairs or issues. If you feel there is an issue with the these items, please contact Floridian Realty Services.

The renter must report all malfunctions/repairs to Floridian Realty Services. The renter should not attempt any repairs. Repairs will be carried out as quickly as possible after owner approval and subject to vendor scheduling. There will be no refunds/adjustments due to malfunction of appliances, HVAC, pool, or other equipment at the premises. The renter will need to make the home accessible to repair and maintenance vendors as needed. Repairs needed as a result of renter misuse or negligence will be billed to the renter.

8. Can I have guests?
Anyone staying the entire lease period or an extended period of time must be included on the lease. Each property has a maximum number of occupants based on the number of bedrooms, number of beds, and number of bathrooms. Occassional overnight guests are permitted. Please include the total number of potential occupants on your reservation form.

9. Can I bring my pet?
Due to potential allergy issues of future guests, shedding dog breeds and cats are not permitted in rental properties. Small, non-shedding breeds are permitted with a $150 non-refundable fee per pet.

No Pets are allowed by the tenant, or their guests, unless they are mentioned to our office before the lease is prepared. The pet must be written into the lease to be allowed at the property. Documented service animals exempt.

10. Is smoking permitted?
Smoking is NOT permitted inside or near any property under any circumstances. Each property will have a designated smoking area outside and some distance away from the home so smoke does not get back inside the home. Please ask our office where smoking is permitted outside at the property you are renting. All doors/windows must be closed so smoke does not get back in the house.

11. Are there community, deed, or association restrictions?
Some properties will be located inside a community, condo, or homeowners association. Restrictions will include minimum lease term, parking, boats/trailers, noise, pets, guests, etc. Please ask our office for a copy of the rules and regulations for the property you are renting.  

12. How do I obtain my keys for check-in/return them for check-out?
On your lease check in date, you can pick up keys to your property at our office during normal business hours Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Check In time is 4:00pm.  If you will be arriving outside of office hours, please contact us ahead of time (one to two weeks at least) to make other arrangements to obtain your keys. Garage door remotes, gate remotes, and any other keys will be found in the property usually on the kitchen breakfast bar. 

On your lease check out date, please return the residence keys to our office. There is a drop box by the road (black box on a white PVC post) to return keys outside of office hours. Garage door remotes, gate remotes, and any other keys are to remain in the property. Check Out time is 10:00am on the ending date in your lease.

13. Can I get mail at my rental?
Almost all our rentals have a mailbox for mail service. If you are forwarding your mail, please reference your lease agreement where you will find the proper mailing address to use.

14. Pool, Lanai, and Outdoor Safety.
Pool safety equipment requirements have changed over the years and some homes may not have been required to have alarms, fences, etc. during the year when they were built. If these items are important to you, please inquire before placing your booking. The renter should inspect and familiarize themselves with the operation of these  safety items, or lack thereof, upon arrival. Many renters are from areas where pools are not common and/or are built differently than pools in Florida. In Florida, pools are essentially connected to the house and many rooms have doors and windows that access the pool area. Water safety also extends to the yard where many homes overlook a canal or pond.

Renters should not, and are not permitted to, alter or adjust the pool equipment settings. If you feel there is an issue with the the pool, please contact Floridian Realty Services. During the fall, winter, and spring (September through May) the daily temperatures may not support warm (80 degrees plus) water temperature. Cool/cold weather, cloudy/overcast weather, night time temperatures below 70 degrees, and/or rain will affect the temperature of the pool and result in a lower water temperature, even with the use of electric heat pumps, solar panels, and/or pool covers.

The screen cage will not keep out all bugs. Small mosquitos will be able to come through the mesh. The screen cage can also develop small holes over the years as birds/other animals walk on the screen and wear & tear from weather and winds.

15. What is the cancellation/refund policy?
Down payments and rent payments will be retained in the event of a cancellation. They will be returned to the renter only if the property is re-rented at the same terms as the original reservation.

There will be no refunds/adjustments due to malfunction of appliances, HVAC, pool, or other equipment at the premises or inclement weather/acts of god. The renter must report all malfunctions/repairs to Floridian Realty Services. The renter should not attempt any repairs or adjust/alter any pool equipment settings. Repairs will be carried out as quickly as possible after owner approval and subject to vendor scheduling.

All rentals are subject to cancellation for acts of god and/or any conditions outside of Floridian Realty Services’ control. Should a property become unavailable for any reason, the sole remedy, at Floridian Realty Services’ sole discretion, will be a substitute accommodation or refund.

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